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About the project

We are a team of forestry experts and robotics engineers dedicated to solving today's pressing environmental issues. Relying on our experience and the latest technologies, we aim to create and successfully implement a tree planting and forest data collection system that will significantly contribute to creating a greener future.

Planting trees manually requires a lot of human resources and time. Traditional solutions are too slow to compensate for deforestation, so a reliable and efficient automation of the planting process is needed.

Our product is the forestry planting system ForPS (Forest planting system). This system helps to collect data on each planted forest sapling. Benefits: data transparency, digital planting maps, quality measurement, gamification of planting work, facilitation of the CO2 credit certification process.

Effective reforestation and reforestation requires a new approach to the information used in the process. Manual compilation of forest quality indicators is a time-consuming and excessively error-prone process. Automation of forest data collection and application of smart statistical technologies is one of the goals of this project.

Reforestation has never been more important. This project is our contribution to caring for the future of humanity. With the help of robotics, we want to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change.

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