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Custom software and Planting tracker

ForPS - Forest Planting System

ForPS - Forest Planting System

ForPS is a data-driven approach to forest planting mastery. It is a solution that is dedicated to overcoming challenges from planter to forest ownerwth gamification, digitalization, and transparency.

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ForPS helps

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ForPS's aim in the future is to help to manage forestry projects and automatise it, save time and money for stakeholders, as well as track the location of every seedling planted in the field. 

Create digital forest map for drone an AI technology

Benefits of ForPS for different stakeholders

  • tracking of the seedling batches(optional); 
  • automatic restock of the seedlings;
  • delivery maps and process;
  • track of seedlings or over-planting in real time.
Helps to overcome nursery challenges
  • Due to the control of the seedlings the nurseries can follow their quality insurance and assure that the seedlings were transported according to the rules, that it was planted on time and avoid replanting up to 5% of the seedlings.

Forest owner
  • tracking of the work done
  • quality control (optional) 
  • cost control 
  • transparency 
  • visibility of different spieces 
  • density 
  • need of replanting 
  • data for future forest management 
  • Q&A with planting company or nursery
5% Of forest growth can be saved by using our system. 
  • see efficiency of his work
  • see empty spots 
  • check average of density automatically 
  • ranking among other planters - work history 
  • work progress
Team leader
  • see efficiency of his team
  • see empty spots 
  • amounts of seedlings planted - check average of density automatically 
  • ranking among other teams 
  • work history 
  • work progress
  • results of his teams online 24/7 
  • plan projects 
  • check quality of the work 
  • rank team 
  • work history 
  • work progress
Planting company
  • real time planting monitoring:
  • amount planted 
  • planting density
FopS helps to overcome planting company challenges
  • cheating prevention
  • automatic data gathering and report generation 
  • significant benefits for office workers 
  • client trust 
  • software (ERP) 
  • control of seedlings, work done and planting density 
  • efficiency of the planter

About us

Braitonas is a company which belongs to GOAL15 group and provides IT solution services in the field of forestry.
The ForPS (Forest Planting System) is intended for the forest industry and addresses the problems of all interested parties arising from forest restoration and planting.

Advisory team
ForPS team
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Lukas Sederevičius
CEO / co-founder
Laurynas Sederevičius
CDO / co-founder
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Rūta Gjerde
Dr. Tomas Luneckas
Head of IT engineer team
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Dr. Mindaugas Luneckas
IT engineer
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Elvinas Skliutas
Head of IT engineer team
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Mantas Adomaitis
IT engineer
Miškinių g. 6B-1, 04132 Vilnius, Lietuva